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As one of the first dedicated driving light brands in Australia, Great Whites has constantly been ahead of the curve, producing high quality driving lights for cars, four wheel drives and trucks.

Originally conceived as a way to provide aftermarket lighting on Kenworth trucks, the brand quickly evolved into a comprehensive range of LED lights that took the market by storm.

Boasting an impressive light output, crisp beam and wide spread, Great Whites LEDs are ready for any challenge. Not only are all lights rated to a minimum of IP68, making them dust and watertight, they also have CISPR 24 EMC/EMI and 21Grms vibration ratings. This means they will not interfere with radio equipment and will be suited to the toughest terrain.

Although the design is impressive, it’s the light output that sets Great Whites apart from the rest. Whether it’s a round, bar or dual bar configuration, each light has been purpose designed, with some made for distance and others for a combination of distance and spread.

The sheer volume of white light means drivers can focus on the road ahead with the spread enhancing peripheral vision and overall awareness. Importantly, the light produced is of a similar colour spectrum to midday sun, reducing eye strain and fatigue.

Great Whites has been tested at a range of off-road facilities, showcasing their rugged design and incredible light output. With 28 lights including headlight replacements, driving lights and daytime running lights, complemented with a suite of accessories to easily fit these high-performance products to your vehicle, Great Whites are lighting the future.

To find your local stockist visit greatwhites.com.au