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Paddle expedition powered by the sun

As the Outer Edge expedition team paddle Patagonia, they have a special advantage: they are solar powered with gear supplied by Maximise Technology.

On board they have a solar collector charging a huge portable power pack so that their phones, cameras, tablets and other gadgets can be charged up and ready for use anywhere the sun shines.

They have selected gear from Powertraveller, which is built for adventure and ruggedised for action. Onboard is a SolarGorilla solar collector, with a ruggedised clamshell design that makes it easy to strap onto a pack or kayak to collect solar energy by day to store in the connected Powertraveller PowerGorilla power pack.

Solargorilla works via two PV (photovoltaic) solar panels, which generate electric current when exposed to sunlight. The technically advanced solar panels are made of glass housed in a tough outer casing which greatly improves the solar performance while being tough enough for all conditions.

Powergorilla portable power charger has a massive 21000mAh storage capacity, to charge all electronic devices from iPods and phones to tablets and cameras. It’s also designed for laptops, and can give an extra 2-5 hours battery depending on your laptop’s power needs.

Of course, great portable solar power only works when your devices still work. The team’s phones are waterproofed and dropproofed by Lifeproof gear, with protective cases plus mounting gear to keep phones handy, attached by a suction cup mount or arm band.

So the team and their gear is ready to capture the memories with photos, video, audio anywhere the sun shines.

You can too. Check out the store now for a special offer from Maximise Technology on Powertraveller SolarGorilla and Powergorilla and Lifeproof waterproof protection for your devices.