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When you’re heading out on the waters fishing, kayaking, Stand Up Paddling, or any other water sport you love: you want to be able to see what you’re doing, and at the same time, you also want to know you are protecting your eyes from the harsh Australian sun.

There’s no doubt that the Australian sun is harsh, and if you don’t have the right eyewear, you could be putting your eyes at risk of things like cataracts, macular degeneration, and other causes of temporary vision loss – all of which occur from too much exposure to UVs rays.

Tonic Polarised Eyewear has been designed to protect your eyes and cut out any glare off the water; without losing any clarity. You’ll see as clear as you would without glasses, but your eyes will remain protected.
Tonic Eyewear has created a de-centered lens that will give you clear colours and allow you to see straight ahead, up and down, and peripherally.

Choose from a small range of colour lenses, including copper, grey, photochromic, which darkens automatically according to light conditions, and green/ red/ silver mirror. You’ll also have a choice of shiny black or tortoiseshell frames. Glasses are made in Japan and every pair comes with a 12 month new-for-old warranty.
Their Slice range are the thinnest and lightest polarized glass lens in the world, while the YouRanium style was developed with Brendan Wing of YouFishTV and features a custom designed adjustable nose bridge that is fully integrated into the frame.

Whether you’re preparing for a summer of water sports, winter trips on the boat or you’re looking for a fantastic gift for someone you love: Tonic Eyewear has a style of glasses to suit.
Join thousands of anglers and water sports fanatics around the world who have chosen Tonic Eyewear as their preferred sunglasses provider. Check out the website today for a range of stockists throughout Australia and New Zealand, or contact them to find out more.

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