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Your feet are the last place you want to feel pain as you trek through mountains, or run through bush tracks in pursuit of adventure. Trekker’s Wool is a natural solution for blister and hot spot prevention. Every adventurer needs a body repair kit containing Trekker’s Wool, as things don’t always run smoothly in the wild. Your feet are your most important body part when it comes to being an adventurer, so you need to make sure they are in pristine condition.

As an adventurer, you will most likely be familiar with the feeling of a developing blister, and the importance of stopping it before it gets out of control. Trekker’s Wool will help you to avoid blisters altogether, as opposed to the products on the market that help you to heal once you have one.

The beauty of Trekker’s Wool, is that it is 100% natural. In fact it is 100% pure Australian Merino lambs’ wool, which is completely untreated and lanolin rich. The wool provides soft cushioning and the lanolin wicks away moisture, reduces friction and promotes healing.  Trekker’s Wool prevents blisters, hot spots, black toes and reduces painful pressure points during outdoor activities.  It is also great for restoring dry heels – which can happen to anyone.

The way it works is not through any genius man-made invention; nature has created its very own way to reduce moisture and friction through lanolin. Lanolin is naturally occurring oil that is found naturally on sheep’s wool.  The wool repels perspiration and moisture allowing your feet to breathe, and acts as a natural insulator, preserving heat in winter and keeping your feet cool in summer.  

Each bag of Trekker’s Wool contains 30 grams of pure and unprocessed Merino lambs’ wool, sufficient for a six day trek, or providing weeks of daily pain relief.