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We are two cousins from the Clarks family, that come from a long line of cobblers dating back to 1825.
We are originally from Somerset, now our company is based in Farringdon, London.
We have travelled the world and worked with the leading modern and indigenous shoemakers, and after all of our exploring we came back to the beginning.  We are on a quest to make the perfect shoe that is perfect for your feet. Our goal is to give you the chance for reconnection: with your feet, your childhood, and your world.

Your foot has a big toe, 28 bones, hundreds of muscles, 200,000 nerve endings.  Seems a shame not to use them!  Shoes should let your feet do their natural thing.
We have developed a patented, ultra thin, puncture resistant sole: allowing for maximum sensory feedback as well as protection from the modern world. We make shoes for all terrains, so that you can move naturally at one with nature everyday.

VIVOBAREFOOT follows the principles that barefoot shoe making ‘is’ sustainable shoe making. The shoes we make are about reconnecting humans with themselves and with nature. We are inspired by the principles of “Sustain-ability” by Ehrenfeld, that proposed there are only 2 good reasons to fill the world up with more ‘stuff’.

  1. To help us connect to nature.
  2. To make us feel more human.

Treading lightly on the Earth and making shoes that are healthy for you and the environment is at the core of everything we do. We (Vivobarefoot) embrace environmental sustainability and use lifecycle analysis to look for efficiencies in design, materials selection, people and manufacturing processes to make more durable products that people love to wear.