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It doesn’t matter how much of a bloke you are, the climate we live in changes constantly and your man skin needs protection as much as a woman’s.  Men taking better care of their skin is a natural thing to do, and there are so many products to help you. Wedge Australia has a range of skin products that will cover you all over and keep your skin healthy.

When do you start looking and what’s in the products? If you are wondering at what age do you begin – there’s no right time so why not get your teenagers started to give them healthy skin for a lifetime. The skincare range is produced from healthy, natural formulas that will restore, protect and improve your skin. Can you imagine yourself washing your face with a wash that contains Raw Beetroot? It’s hard to believe, but this superfood ingredient gets right into the pores of your skin making them clean and fresh.

Tea Tree Oil is often regarded as natures healing product. If you balk at putting Raw Beetroot on your face, then try the Tea Tree Face Scrub Cream. It’s soothing and healing effect will last for awhile. For those of you who use a razor blade the classic Shaving Cream made from Australian Lavender and Bentonite Clay will be a pleasure to use.

The harsh wind and sun ages your skin prematurely so Wedge Australia has created an anti-aging moisturizer that will give you long term benefits. For the ultimate skin care, the Men’s Total Skin Fitness package has everything you will need.

Wedge Australia use natural ingredients farmed locally, and organically, and in many parts of Australia. Olive Fruit Oil in the facial scrubs and creams comes from Western Australia, 100% Essential oils are nurtured by native plant farmers and the active ingredient, Brown Seaweed found in the anti aging creams, comes from Tasmania.

Is it any wonder Wedge Australia have the best range of men’s skincare to suit all skin types, and for all ages! Check out their website to find a product that will suit you.

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