Clearing up the Myth about Drone Pilot Certification

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So with everyday that goes by we seem to field more and more calls about becoming licensed and certified to be able to fly a Multi-Copter commercially, and when speaking to people, there seems to be a lot of misinformation out there, so I thought it time to clear things up a little for those that want to know.

Let’s start at the basics….

For anyone wanting to fly a copter for anything other than hobby or sport (commercial work) you need a few things… but basically, the guy flying it needs a Controller Certificate or RPAS License, and then he, or someone he is flying under the control of, needs to have an Operators Certificate.
Let’s start with the RPAS License. There is some confusion that you need pass the Private Pilot’s License (PPL) exam to obtain an RPAS license. Well, that is not true. It’s not a requirement of CASA to do this. Currently there are a couple of organisations that you can go to and sit an RPAS dedicated course.

WE ARE NOW OFFERING THIS COURSE – CLICK HERE. It means you sit down for a week, and be trained on everything RPAS related. You will also need to obtain a Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency.  This is an easy get and is normally a 1 day thing to make sure you can adequately operate a 2-way radio. Once you have completed the above you can apply to CASA for an RPAS Licence. There are a few other minor hoops to jump through, but that’s about the strength of.

OR… you can go to an aviation school and study the PPL. Heck, you can self study the PPL if you want, but 97% of it is not relevant to flying a UAV, let alone a Multi. In fact, you probably won’t even learn a single thing about UAVs because the PPL is designed with full scale aircraft in mind. It’s a complete waste of time for this industry. SO….

YOU DON’T NEED TO DO PPL. This is only required if you DON’T want to go to an RPAS Training centre and get an RPAS license.

The OC… on the other hand, is a little more involved. It requires a fair bit of paperwork, nominating a Chief Controller, proving you can fly, and a bunch of manuals including Operations Manuals,

Risk Management, etc etc. You know how it is right! You will need to gain Manufacturer Training on the particular aircraft you nominate to fly in your OC. Once you have your OC, if you want to add aircraft to it, you will need to submit this change to CASA. The OC does not give you blanket rule over all Multis.  You will also need to prove to CASA that you can fly the machines you have nominated etc.

If you have any questoins, give FPV Australia a call and we’ll be happy to help.

If you’re into adventure sports, there’s a good chance you’ve created videos of some of your adventures, and if you’re like almost every other person, you will have a vision to go the extra step with your footage, and have even considered your options for improvement. If you’re ready to go next level with your adventure videos, there are some amazing tech items now available to do just that, and Mongrel Gear have a large range of First Person View (or Fly by Pilots View) radio controlled aircraft, accessories, and cameras to suit every need.

First Person View radio controlled aircraft are available in so many options, from beginner level to professional and highly advanced videographers. Drones, fixed wing and multi-rotor helicopters have become increasingly popular in recent years, and are available with many options, catering for most brands of video cam-

eras. Flying FPV requires some basic components like a camera, video transmitter, video receiver, and a means to view the received signal like video goggles or an LCD screen, which are all available through Mongrel Gear.

They also supply items like head trackers, which allow the camera to move in the craft, as the pilots head moves. When it comes to cameras for use in your FPV,

Mongrel Gear have an unbeatable range featuring brands like Fat Shark, Go Pro, Mobius and DJI Zenmuse, and they have a number of complete kits that are ready to fly.

The team at Mongrel Gear can also handle your RPAS/UAV Certification and give assistance in preparing your OC application and paperwork for CASA. They can also supply information about the legalities of flying and FPV in your area.

Mongrel gear not only supply a massive range of craft, cameras and accessories but they also have a service and repair centre for your Copters, UAVs, and for machine certification.

Mongrel Gear is an all Australian owned family run business started in 2006 and is based in Yass, in the Southern Tablelands of NSW.

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