Why you should consider an eBike

If you love riding in the mountains and bush and just don’t have the fitness you used to, or aren’t interested in riding to the max each time you go out, then go electric! Seriously, it is fantastic fun.

Having that extra power assisting your pedalling opens up a whole new world of exploring.  Steeps are no longer an issue and you find yourself heading up and down trails to explore more because you have extra power there if you need it.

Last week we had an EBB Owners Club ride which covered about 45km of seriously steep hilly, offroad riding. What was fantastic about it was that everyone could ride together. We had riders from 71yo Howard, who rides almost everyday now, to 39 yo Trent who is just getting back into riding after an illness. The extra motor power kept everyone together and they could concentrate on handling the technical parts with being too fatigued.

As a serious mountain bike I never expected to be so excited about ‘riding electric’, but I’m a massive fan now. It’s worth investing in a purpose built MTB that is designed to handle technical trails – downhill too – because you will ride further, faster and for longer, and you will want to ride every day.

A morning ride / #explore on the #haibike #electric #mountainbike gave us a good chance to give the motor a workout. In my current state of fitness I normally would have pushed up this 16% grade climb LOL! #thankgodformotors #loveelectric #iwilldothis #icandothis #icandothiseveryday #somuchfun #gettingfit #gettingfitter #gettingstronger #ebikesrock #ebike #electricbike #goldcoast #sunshinecoast #brisbane #samfordvalley #exploremore #adventure #adventuretime

Posted by Electric Bikes Brisbane on Saturday, January 21, 2017

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