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15% off The Complete Adventure Race Training Package.

Just email admin@liveadventure.com.au and mention Outer Edge to redeem your discount.

If you are ready to break through your self-imposed limits, gain confidence and become a fit, strong and mentally tough adventurer, LiveAdventure training packages are for you.

Fitness is good for our health, makes us stronger, more capable, and more energetic.  But what if fitness went a step further and opened the door to push our limits, explore new places and experience adventures we had only dreamed of?

LiveAdventure offers online adventure training programs, so you can live your next adventure.

Six week training programs
LiveAdventure offers adventure race and day hike programs to guide you through every step of training.  They are easy to understand with photos, videos and in-depth exercise descriptions.  They also include tips to help on your adventure like nutrition, navigation and transition tips.  Having a structured program allows to you to train with a purpose, and get maximum benefit for your 3-6hrs/week training time.

The Complete Adventure Race Training Package
If you’re keen for more depth, the “Complete Adventure Race Training Package” has it all.  It contains three books and a DVD (or video USB), with everything you need to prepare for adventure racing.  You don’t need a personal trainer, a gym membership or expensive equipment.  Plus, you keep all the information so you can train smart for years to come.   The structured strength and interval training will give you the strength for kayak portages, the power to charge up steep inclines, and the agility to clamber over challenging terrain.  Whether bursting into your first race, or raising your already high standards, find out what you’re really capable of.

Are LiveAdventure training programs for me?
Don’t worry if you’re out of shape or have never done anything like this before.   There are beginner options as well as plenty of challenges for the advanced.  Live Adventure’s online training formats mean you can build whole body fitness and achieve more than you ever thought possible – wherever you are, whenever you make time, and whatever your ability level.  Programs are carefully designed by Lisa Antill, a graduate of Exercise Physiology with more than 10 years’ experience in the fitness industry.

The world of adventure is out there, it’s up to you to be fit enough to experience it.  At Live Adventure, we show you how.