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Whether you ride your mountain bike with friends or family on the weekend, use it as part of your adventure race training or simply enjoy pushing you body to the limit at different events around the country, being a member of Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) can benefit you.

Being a member of MTBA means joining the same organisation as numerous World Champions and Olympians like Troy Brosnan, Janine Jungfels, Daniel McConnell, Jared Graves and Rebecca Henderson. It means supporting the development of mountain biking throughout Australia, and it means meeting other people in your area that share the same passion as you.

MTBA offers its members benefits that no other organisation in Australia can, such as tailored 24/7 personal accident and public liability insurance, access to a loyalty program, discounted movie tickets, a fortnightly e-Newsletter, a wide club network, discounted entry into MTBA sanctioned events and access to coaching and commissaire education courses.

This means that MTBA members can ride anywhere, anytime and have the piece of mind of knowing that they’ll be covered by insurance should anything unfortunate happen – even if they’re training on the road!

On top of this, as the national body for mountain biking in Australia, MTBA facilitates everything from trail building to advocacy to national series events to junior development camps to coaching and commissaire education – making them truly an organisation for everyone.

So whether you simply want piece of mind when you’re out on the trails, or you want to get fit, make new friends, gain new skills or just race your heart out – there is a membership category to suit everyone!

T: 02 9339 5800
E: info@mtba.asn.au
F: facebook.com/MTBA
W: mtba.asn.au