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Whether you’re riding over rocky terrain, flat road, sand, ice, snow, dirt or in the shallow surf no matter what the weather, TRIX Cycles can take you on a biking adventure to remember.

TRIX will withstand the toughest of conditions and their new, super high quality yet affordable range of big wheel bikes are “fat-free”. TRIX bikes have over-sized tires, specifically designed to take you over soft and unstable terrain. There’s a size to suit everyone from kids up to adult. With your TRIX bike you can go anywhere so you’ll have the opportunity to experience some incredible country.

The alloy frames, seven speed Shimano gears and fine parts and accessories guarantee you will get a great physical workout and have a whole lot of fun at the same time! Better than your ordinary bike shop, TRIX Cycles is a premium bicycle online destination. If you are looking for a bike for everyone in the family there are different sizes to choose from in a variety of bold safety first neon popping colours; and if it’s the premium new experience bikes you want, look no further than TRIX.

BONUS The first 500 buyers also receive a FREE, “Bag of TRIX” comprising of a TRIX rucksack full of state of the art accessories worth over $400, light set, electric bell, water bottle, water bottle holder, pump. PSI gauge, combo lock, saddle bag and Bike Cover

One of TRIX popular new additions is the TRIX Glider. Segway’s are taking over as an alternative mode of leisurely travel and the Trix Glider, like a Segway without handles, is controlled by the rider’s movement and the shift of the rider’s body weight. Reaching a top speed of 16km/h and at a weight of just 13kg, the Trix Glider is a perfect way to get around.

TRIX online also sells premium bike accessories and bicycle parts. The extensive accessory list that ranges from water bottles, chain and locks, to pressure gauges to front and rear bike sets. And the bag of TRIX is loaded with everything you will need for your biking adventure.

Trix has also introduced TRIX baby and Trix Kids so you can take the little ones with you and they have you covered for Life.