edition 51

  • From Russia with…

    Its 10pm and I am sitting on the S7 Airbus heading back to Moscow after 8 days in Tolyatti and reflecting on what has just happened and how.


    Trail Running. How do you improve? In the Adventure school section we outline a session, which will see you take your running to the next level.


    I first read about PNG Black Bass when I was a teenager in the 80’s. The article written by Rod Harrison in a fishing magazine described dense jungle, huge rivers, wild PNG tribes and incredibly tough fish.

  • Europe on a footbike

    For most of us in our early 30’s, the dream of being alone for 5 minutes is or was well out of reach, we have jobs, children or other things in life that make us want to have more freedom than what we already have.

  • Base Camp Bassin’

    The date had been set weeks before for a trip to a river that I had dreamt about fishing almost as long as I could remember;

  • Barra Dreamin’

    Never a week goes by where I don’t think about the prospect of heading to central Queensland to target Barramundi in the various stocked impoundments within that region

  • Wild Africa with Diwa Zambezi

    2012 had been a tough year for our family and in need of recovery, my brothers and I decided to return to our spiritual home, the Zambezi Valley. As children and prior to immigrating to Australia in 2003,

  • Dead Woman’s Pass: Inca Trail

    I’ve taken five wobbly steps but once again I’ve been forced to stop as my body screams for respite. My lungs feel like they’ve been squeezed out like a wet sponge, my legs are burning with lactic acid and my heart is beating faster than I can ever remember it.

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