• Walking the Himalayas: In Wood’s Footsteps

    We only have to look in our own outback yard to know that tens of thousands of years before a chap in a safari shirt dreamt up a pioneering expedition in the rooms of the Royal Geographic Society,

  • Crocodiles and Ice: A Journey Into Deep Wild

    On the map, Cape Sheridan is a tiny, almost imperceptible dimple on a smoothly curving coastline, barely worthy of a name—a pile of windblown rock, battered by ice and wind.

  • Stand Up On Everest

    Michael Dwyer. (Mickey D). Stand-up Comedian, Adventurer, Above Average Armchair Athlete.

  • Diving: Ladies on the Shore

    The role of women in Victorian Britain was to marry and take part in the interests and business of their husbands. Before marriage, they would learn the housewife skills of cooking and cleaning.

  • Going Beyond the Arctic Circle

    “Jesus Christ is staring at me. His imploring eyes glare at me from the tattered fleece blanket. His crucifixion scene is printed on…”

  • Ultra Marathon running: It’s never too late

    Most professional athletes start excelling at a very young age. They are pushed through their childhood, teenage years and early adulthood to be the best they can be at their chosen sport.

  • Verbier: Vertigo keeps us motivated

    A trip should never start with a question… it should start with lots of them. Strangely, contradictions increase my desire for adventure.

  • Danielle Murdoch: Live to Ride

    For most of us, the thought of travelling alone for a months on two wheels is well beyond our comfort levels to say the least, let alone through war-torn and third-world countries (for four years).

  • Brianna Beahan: 100% focus

    While most of us force ourselves out of bed, unable to converse for an hour or so without coffee and shower, before heading into work for the daily grind,

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