• Going Beyond the Arctic Circle

    “Jesus Christ is staring at me. His imploring eyes glare at me from the tattered fleece blanket. His crucifixion scene is printed on…”

  • Ultra Marathon running: It’s never too late

    Most professional athletes start excelling at a very young age. They are pushed through their childhood, teenage years and early adulthood to be the best they can be at their chosen sport.

  • Verbier: Vertigo keeps us motivated

    A trip should never start with a question… it should start with lots of them. Strangely, contradictions increase my desire for adventure.

  • Danielle Murdoch: Live to Ride

    For most of us, the thought of travelling alone for a months on two wheels is well beyond our comfort levels to say the least, let alone through war-torn and third-world countries (for four years).

  • Brianna Beahan: 100% focus

    While most of us force ourselves out of bed, unable to converse for an hour or so without coffee and shower, before heading into work for the daily grind,

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