• Diving in the Solomon Islands


    Just what makes the Solomon Islands such a mecca for lovers of the underwater world?

    The answer is simple – the 992 islands and unspoilt coral reefs making up these ‘Hapi Isles’, literally teem with huge numbers and varieties of marine life.

    Add to this the literally hundreds of shipwrecks and downed aircraft that litter the seabed, so much so that in one area just a short journey from the country’s bustling capital of Honiara has been renamed ‘Iron Bottom Sound’.

  • Alissa Bradford, a solo summiter with a record in her mind

    Alissa Bradford is attempting to be first young solo Australian female to summit the highest mountain in every state & territory of Australia. With only two peaks left she is racing across the country to finish her final two mountain climbs by her 30th Birthday – this June 2017.

  • A Thousand Eyes

    An overland transect of the Democratic Republic of Congo from East to West

    I left my Congolese travel experience in much the same way that I had entered it — with no privacy.

  • Adventure Publishing

    ADVENTURE PUBLISHING Pty Ltd is an independent and privately held Australian-based magazine publishing company,