There are so many benefits to electric bikes that it’s not hard to decide why you should buy one: from being faster and cheaper than public transport or cars, and being environmentally friendly; to helping you with physical activity to get your whole body moving in the simplest way possible. The only real question is – what type should you get.

If you’re looking to improve your fitness, or improve your next adventure – Dolomiti Electric Bikes in Melbourne has the widest and best selection of bikes available in the city and they friendly, helpful team at the shop have the right experience and knowledge to help you choose the best bike for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for an electric mountain bike for your next adventure, or you want a bike to help you get to work faster; if you need to save space by getting a bike that folds up; or you’re looking to start racing and need a quality, fast and efficient race bike.

There are hybrid ebikes that are designed as the ideal balance between an urban bike and mountain bike (with bigger tires and wider gears to get you off and on the roads); and tricycles – for those who want to take the bike to do the shopping, carry the dog or if you are delivering pamphlets throughout the local neighbourhood.

Dolomiti also have a selection of ebike carriers to ensure you’re able to get your ebike to wherever you want to go for your next adventure.

There really is something for all types of e-cyclist at Dolomiti, so be sure to stop in to their store or visit their website today. You never know where a Dolomiti Electric Bicycle might take you!

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