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Free video on body position as well as access to MTB Community group with free daily information on skills, mechanics, training, mindset and reviews.

Mountain Biking is a passion we all share, for most of us it is more than a sport it is a way of life. It is one of the few sports that can be experienced through so many different levels it can be:

·         A Family Cruise
·         A Fitness ride
·         A Scenic ride through local bushland
·         An Adventure to remote location
·         An Adrenalin charged blast
·         A Local, State or National race

Dynamic Motivation was created to share and spread our passion with mountain bike riders everywhere and ensure riders are getting the most from the experience, whatever their focus.  We’ve been riding forever, and still love it!

We’ve invested time in obtaining training ourselves so we can bring our passion for Mountain Biking to the world by way of skills instruction, fitness, race strategy, coaching, mentoring and having fun with it.  We’ve been doing this for over 10 years.

We are PMBI Level 1 and 2 skills instructors, MTBA Level 1 and UCI Level 2 coaches, run MTBA Level 0 courses for MTBA, are the PMBI Level 1 Instructor Trainers for Australia, are Certified Personal Trainers, with a speciality in sports conditioning and rehabilitation, and love working with people to get them riding their best – ‘cause that’s when you have the most fun on the trails J

We provide the most comprehensive and complete rider skills and fitness training in Australia for all ages and levels of rider.  We achieve this through both our face to face and online programs (it’s tricky to teach a physical skill on-line, but we think we’ve nailed it with our approach).

We also believe in grass roots development and participation. Let’s get the kids riding and having fun outdoors. We run a comprehensive junior development program that takes juniors from young beginner riders through to high level racing and being instructors and mentors for younger kids.

We are always up to something new and fun. If you like what you’ve read, come and join us in our Facebook community to get tips and tricks, and share your own passion for mountain biking with others.

You can connect with us at: www.dynamicmotivation.com.au

If you would like a free video on body position as well as access to our MTB Community group where we provide free daily information on skills, mechanics, training, mindset and reviews checkout www.dynamicmotivation.com.au/pages/OE