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Wherever you go around the world, out in the Australian bush or in the heart of the city, you need to keep in touch and know that you can always charge your mobile phone, laptop and other electronic devices. That’s where Goal Zero comes in.
The largest portable solar company in the world, they equip people with market-leading solar kits, solar rechargers, solar panels and solar accessories, each designed to work with each other. Their systems are portable and power a variety of USB, AC and DC devices anywhere and at any time, and provide a perfect blend of portability, power and ease of use.

Goal Zero already reach some of the remotest places on this planet and they are constantly working to deliver smarter and more innovative power solutions so that you can feel safer whatever your adventure. Goal Zero’s products have been put through the ultimate test in the most challenging vertical ascents in the world and speed climbing, and have kept cameras constantly charged for amazing photography.

Some of their products include the Switch 8 Kit, at 310grams it is a lightweight power supply that can charge smartphones and USB devices anywhere. When you refuel the Switch 8 in 8 hours from the Nomad 3.5 Solar Panel or 4 hours from any USB power source, you can use the power collected to charge all of your handheld devices including MP3 players, action cameras and more. The Nomad 20 Solar Panel highly efficient monocrystalline technology can directly charge USB and 12V devices directly from the sun. Designed for the outdoors, the panel is durable and weatherproof.

These devices are on the extensive product list that includes Rechargers, Solar Panels, Accessories, Cables& Adapters. Products are suitable for charging Phones and Tablets, GoPro and Action Cams, Laptop and Photography, recharging for Emergency Preparedness and even fridges and televisions.

Unit 2/3 Hook St, Capalaba QLD 4157
Telephone: 3245 6190
Email: admin.au@goalzero.com
Website: www.goalzero.com.au