10% discount on ALL STARTER DETECTORS, including the Minelab Go-Find 20, Go-Find 40, Go-Find 60, Minelab X-Terra 505, Garrett Ace 200i, Garrett Ace 300i, Garrett Ace 400i

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Whether you are hard out prospector on the constant hunt for the hidden treasure, or just an enthusiastic sand digger hoping for the big score of a few gold coins on the beach after a long weekend, having quality prospecting equipment, and helpful information from a team with a huge amount of experience and knowledge is very helpful when it comes to filling your pockets with precious metals.

One team of prospectors with three decades of experience, and absolute passion for the business, is the Buss Family from Goanna Gold Detectors.

Goanna Gold Detectors have been selling detectors and prospecting accessories since 2007, and are dedicated to providing prospecting enthusiasts with the best product and service, at the fairest pricing possible.

img_2411Through their online store, they supply every accessory you could ever need from maps, chargers and batteries, to pans, sieves and headphones.  They have a large range of aftermarket spares and add-ons for Minelab detectors, including extensions and adaptor kits, the Minelab pro-swing ergonomic harness, and the Minelab Backpack Kit which includes all the outdoor necessities you will need for your next prospecting trip.

They also have a great range of detectors from both Minelab and Garrett.  From the very affordable Go-Find 20 from Minelab under $200 to the top of the range for gold fossicking Minelab GPZ 7000 at just under $10,000; there isn’t a prospector in the country that would not be happy with their range.

Their entire range covers everything from underwater discovery with the Garrett Sea Hunter II, which is designed to ignore the effects of salt water and other minerals.. It has four versatile configurations for use over ground, in the mud, in the surf or underwater down to 200 feet.

If panning in creeks with the absolute basics is your thing, their range of pans, sieves and gold concentrators allows you to be completely prepared for your next fossicking adventure.

44 Wyndham St Greta, NSW, 2334

(02) 4938 7670