BluBag™ Australia offers quality, innovative water solutions that are designed to ensure you are well hydrated on your next adventure.
Founded on extensive experience in resources, and designed to break the barriers and challenges of providing fresh water to remote areas;  BluBag™ solutions mean you always have water with you in the most rugged and harsh conditions.

An ideal accompaniment to any camping, boating or 4WD trip, the leisure range is designed for both home and outdoor use and is made from heavy-duty polyester. It’s available in a range of sizes, up to 200 litres and is ideal for providing fresh water to small groups of people. They are cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

If it’s just you, the personal range features collapsible, personal drinking containers which are perfect for your next adventure whether you’re planning on camping, hiking, cycling – or if you’re just after an easy to carry alternative to your regular gym water bottle.

Blubag also have the JerryBag™ Range which is ideal if you’re heading camping or 4WDing as a cost effective replacement for traditional jerry cans. These can also be used to carry diesel.

The Industrial range is designed for remote, harsh environments, such as mining and construction sites; and Blubag also offer a range of accessories, including stands, pumps, tap stands, lifting nets and pallets.

BluBags™ are easy to use and are foldable, so when you’re not using them – you’ll barely notice their around. No more jerry cans filling up your shed! BluBags™ are also fully compliant with all applicable Australian standards for food storage and also meet all relevant FDA and EU directives.

BluBags™ are the safest, most hygienic and versatile solution on the market.

Take a look at the full range and prepare yourself for your next adventure.

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