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When you go camping the first thing most of you want to do is find a toilet. Well, don’t worry about that anymore because with Ezygonow, you can take along your own. From a lightweight portable toilet and waste kits to a quick set-up shelter, your privacy and comfort is guaranteed. The products are easy to pack and take with you and you can even find a complete bathroom system that fits in a backpack!

Ezygonow products are ideal for the defence forces, in the great outdoors of Australia, or for implementation in emergency and disaster situations. They are also suitable to use in your own home if plumbing is not available. A quick and easy privacy shelter and toilet set-up give people on the job including miners, truck drivers and construction workers, a convenient way ‘to go.’

Disposal of the waste product is easy and safe as there are no dump stations or liquid chemicals required. Cleanwaste Poo Powder Waste Treatment is a unique waste treatment powder pre-loaded into the Pee-Wee unisex urine bags and the GO anywhere toilet kits. It is designed to gel and solidify liquid waste to a solid. Solid waste is encapsulated by Poo Powder (once activated by a liquid) and a decay catalyst breaks down the solid waste. 

With the Cleanwaste GO anywhere toilet kit you don’t have to dig a hole in the ground because this is a pre-loaded waste treatment kit providing convenience anytime, anywhere. Perfect for emergency kits, backpacks and glove-boxes too! The Cleanwaste GO anywhere portable toilet weighs only approximately 3.18kg and folds closed to a brief-case size. Cover yourself up with the Cleanwaste GO anywhere privacy shelter that can also be used as an extra bathroom, changing room or shower area. 

There are plenty of other products to choose from so make your camping trip a little healthier and cleaner and take a look at the Ezygonow website. Ezygonow’s vision is to provide Australian outdoor enthusiasts freedom in adventure and their products allow you to ‘leave no trace.’

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