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Are you an independent adventurer? Do you indulge in horse riding, 4WD’ing, boating, camping or hiking? Can you offer protection and safety to your nearest and dearest?   With an amazing list of features, innovative emergency response support and the ultimate portability system, you and your loved ones have never been safer!

Rescue Swag was founded to enable independence for adventurers.  We believe in being safe wherever you are, whatever you do.  Rescue Swag – designed to keep you safe on life’s grandest adventures.

The Original Rescue Swag is the ideal gift for yourself or a loved one. Perfect for outdoors enthusiasts, workplace fleet or remote location work, its durable, high visibility vinyl outer keeps your first aid kits clean and dry within its weather resistant packaging.

Its compact design and fit’n’lock down system enables easy portability. It offers the extra functionality of a sling, splint, immobilisation device and communications pocket. You can even opt to add a personal locating device for ultimate cover and ensure your safety. Registered and approved by TGA, FDA and Health Canada, you can be sure you are in the best hands.

The Rescue Swag includes first response remedies for snake bites and burns – conforming heavy weight bandages, elastic crepe bandages, burns sheet, adhesive dressings, burn dressing, burn gel, plastic water liner and instruction card.

You’ll also find remedies for major accidents, including amputated parts bags, thermal blanket, safety pins, face shield, scissors, gloves, triangle bandage, wound dressing and first aid leaflet and instruction card; and minor accidents – ice pack, dressings, gauze swabs, conforming bandage, eye pads, antiseptic, paper tape, Iodine swabs, cleansing wipes, splinter probes, forceps, eye wash, eye bath, torch whistle and instruction card.

Download the Rescue Swag app to access emergency instructions and photographs and call for help with or without a signal.

Rescue Swag. Designed tough so you can play tougher.

Ph: 1300 289 849
Web: http://www.rescueswag.com.au