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Frustrated with the time taken to cover a trailer or ute? Frustrated with tangling and snagging cargo nets? Frustrated with finding and attaching the right length ropes and bungee cords?

Spider Tarp manufactures two new, patented products which overcome the problems of covering loads with existing cargo nets, tarpaulins, bungee cords and ropes: the incredibly versatile Spider Fast-Tarp™ and Spider Ute-Tarp™.

Spider Fast-Tarp™ is a high density polyethylene, heavy duty cover (230 GSM), measuring 2.3m x 1.7m (7’6” x 5‘6), with 8 permanently attached elastic cords with adjustable Spider-Lock™ hooks. It is ideally suited to covering 6’ x 4’ and 7’ x 5’ trailers however its unique attachment system provides flexibility for a broad range of trailer, camping and general purpose use. In comparison to alternatives such as cargo nets and generic tarps, Spider Fast-Tarp™ is:

  • easier to attach, minimising tangling
  • faster to secure and remove
  • better constructed, more functional and durable
  • less expensive than using combinations of comparable quality covers and accessories

Spider Ute-Tarp™
is a high density polyethylene, heavy duty cover (230 GSM), measuring 2.45m x 2.15m (8‘ x 7’), with 9 permanently attached elastic cords with adjustable Spider-Lock™ hooks, and 2 additional forward tie down rings. Spider Ute-Tarp™ is ideally suited to covering single and dual cab utility tray bodies or for any use where multiple attachment side tensioning is beneficial. In comparison to typical non-stretchable yarn and mesh cargo nets, Spider Ute-Tarp™ :

  • allows the cover to be tightly tensioned
  • provides more anchor point options
  • provides greater flexibility to cover high and bulky loads
  • protects contents against water, wind and sun damage
  • hides the contents reducing the likelihood of theft

The attachment system is the key to Spider Fast-Tarp™ and Spider Ute-Tarp™ ease of use. The strong, wide opening patent pending Spider-Lock™ hooks are designed to securely attach to thick and thin rails and lip edges. They can be easily engaged anywhere along the elastic attachment cords to form high tensioned tie downs varying in length from 10cm to 80cm.


Frustrated with not having the right length bungee cord? Frustrated with poor quality bungee cords? Frustrated with bungee cord hooks dislodging from eyelets and D-Rings?
Spider Tarp manufactures two new patent pending adjustable bungee cords to overcome these problems: Spider-Cord™ with Spider-Hooks™ and Spider-Cord™ with Carabiner.
The key to Spider-Cord™ versatility is the super tough, wide opening, fibre reinforced UV stabilised Spider-Lock™hooks which can be easily engaged anywhere along the nylon braid elastic attachment cord to form a bungee cord varying in tensioned length from 10cm to 150cm. Simply slide the Spider-Lock™ hook to the desired length and pull the cord up to lock the hook in position. The patent-pending Spider-Lock™ design gives a positive “click” to let you know that the hook is secured. Once the hook is locked, just pull on the free end of the Spider-Cord™, as necessary, to increase the tension. To release the Spider-Lock™ hook, pull down on the elastic cord. The Spider-Lock™ hook will disengage and can be quickly and easily repositioned for the next use. This unique locking feature makes Spider-Cord™ the fastest, easiest to use and most versatile adjustable bungee cord on the market.
Spider-Cord™ with Spider-Hooks™ is suitable for general purpose use where a high quality hook fastening is required at each end. Features include:

  • Premium quality natural rubber filament for elastic strength
  • UV stabilised nylon braid providing up to 10 times more abrasion resistance than normal bungee cords
  • Adjustable fibre reinforced, super tough UV stabilised Spider-Lock™ hooks at each end

with Carabiner is suited to applications where a semi-permanent connection is required at one end such as attachment to tarpaulins with eyelets or D-Rings. Features include:

  • Adjustable fibre reinforced, super tough UV stabilised Spider-Lock™ hooks at one end
  • Heavy duty black anodised, zinc base plate corrosion resistant carabiner at the other end

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