When you’re an athlete or an adventurer, your nutrition is the most important thing you need to control to be able to sustain stamina. Ensuring you maintain your diet so it won’t burn out quickly is imperative, and keeping your muscles and brain energised is vital.

image001When you are on the go, convenience is a key factor to the products you take with you, and Shotz have a phenomenal range of easy to consume products that are not only packed with the essential ingredients to keep you moving at peak performance, but they are also delicious, and gentle on the stomach.

Shotz have been engineering and manufacturing sports nutrition products for over 20 years, and through trial, error and true field testing of their products, they have accomplished some of the best products available.
Shotz products are scientifically designed to supply sufficient calories to keep you fuelled; they have a range of electrolyte tablets that address your individual needs as an athlete or adventurer. The key benefit of the electrolyte liquid/gel tablets is that it allows you as an individual user to alter the volume of fluid you consume based on your own physiological makeup and the changing weather conditions.

With Shotz Electrolyte tablets you don’t need to be locked in to a preset volume of fluid, or a preset amount of calories, or a preset electrolyte composition.  They are also gluten free and contain no fructose.

The Shotz Energy Bar range are low in fat, low in refined sugar, high in complex carbohydrate and super tasty.

image002The moist consistency of the bars is designed to be easily consumed no matter where you are in your training schedule or performance.

The protein bar range is a great recovery option without the refined processed powders. The Shotz Protein Bar is designed to refuel by restoring the skeletal muscle glycogen stores and increases the protein-building phase to repair muscle protein.

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