When it comes to adventuring: there’s nothing worse on a hot summer’s day than opening your bottle of water, taking a swig, and burning your tongue! In contrast, there’s nothing worse on a cold winter’s day than setting yourself up for an amazing hot coffee after a night of camping in the rough, only to find the coffee is like ice.

The Klean Kanteen eliminates both of these issues! It’s an amazing invention: keeps cold drinks cool for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12 hours minimum. The best part is: it works. I tested the 936ml bottle – and of course I had to make sure it worked in all kinds of situations.

It’s been on the boat for some overnight fishing; in the forest for some hiking; taken to a job site for a tradie to test out on a hot, sweat-filled day;  and let me tell you – it was perfect in every situation! The bottle is 18/8 stainless steel, environmentally friendly, and fitted with vacuum insulation technology that helps keep the heat or cool in. If the 946ml is too big or too small, it’s also available in 355ml, 592ml and 1900ml.

Highly recommended. Even my 3 year old LOVES it.