Pro Mount Colour Lenses

Dear Scuba Diving fanatic,

Being an active diver and shooting your underwater experiences, you will know that you need filters (Red, Magenta, Orange / Pink, depending on the depth and color of the water) to compensate the lack of certain colors under water. You might also recognize the annoying fact that whenever you buy a newer GoPro camera or just a new housing, you have to buy the pretty expensive filters all over again cause they don’t fit. This new 1 set fits all Scuba Filter Kit by PRO-mounts puts an end to this waste of money.

We hope, as an editor of dive media, you would like to test this product! Off course we are more than willing to send you a copy

Buying a new GoPro camera (and you might be tempted by the upcoming Hero5 release) will give you the frustration that your current filters won’t fit. For divers even more annoying, as they might own a standard and a diving housing. Even when you expect to last a while with your current GoPro, consider this when buying filter(s) for it: sooner or later you will buy a new model and then you have to buy the filters all over again. Avoid these extra costs with the PRO-mounts “1 set fits all Scuba Filter Kit”.

By separating the filter from the adapter we create a grid of filters & adapters which will fit on every possible type of (GoPro) Action Cam. The Kit consists of:

  • 3 high quality Acrylic precision filters (Red, Magenta & Snorkel Filter)
  • 4 adapters to make these filters fit on any type of GoPro (3, 3+, 4, HERO & Session):
  • 1 GoPro Session mount/adapter
  • 1 GoPro Dive Housing mount/adapter
  • 1 GoPro Standard Housing mount/adapter
  • 1 GoPro Naked Camera mount/adapter (for using the GoPro without Waterproof Housing)
  • For future releases (GoPro5 und further) you only have to buy a new adapter (approx $10), the filters are recyclable
  • Good customer service, quick delivery, lifetime warranty (on the mounts/adapters)

The first drafts of the product have just been finished. In order to be able to start producing a first run and arrange the copyright protections, PRO-Mounts started a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. You can pre-order now and benefit an HUGE early bird discount.

Check out the Indiegogo crowdfunding page

Product: 1 set fits all Scuba Filter Kit

Release: September

Price: $ 89,99 Pre-order by Indiegogo $ 39,99 (look out for our ‘limited editions’ Promotion on Indiego)