Tomtom Adventurer GPS Sports Watch

Now this is a sports watch with attitude, well the orange strap gives it this look but you still would not wear it out to dinner.

Light weight, which is a plus over the likes of the Fenix it doesn’t weigh much more than a basic running watch. The watch module pops out of the strap for charging, and clips back in securely.

You navigate the watch’s menus via the four-way button under the screen, which enables you to glide between the watch’s options, settings and training modes. It’s pretty easy to navigate and on the whole, very intuitive.

As with most multisport watches, the TomTom Adventurer is pretty feature-rich. There are dedicated modes for running, cycling, hiking, skiing/snowboarding, trail running, indoor cycling/running and standard open workouts.

As well as GPS data, the TomTom Adventurer features a heart rate monitor on the underside, as well as a bevy of other sensors. The accelerometer works for all-day activity tracking, which is displayed on the watch, showing steps, distance and calories. There are also atmospheric sensors including a barometer, which adds elevation data to hiking and skiing modes.

However, the TomTom Adventurer has a trick up its sleeve. In addition to all the sports tracking, its route exploration mode offers a genuine reason to take note. This mode enables you to upload GPX routes to the watch via the TomTom web app, which you can then follow on the watch.

We did just this in Russia and it worked a treat.