Tomtom Bandit Action Cam

We all know the action-camera market is pretty crowded.

TomTom, the company best known for its GPS navigation systems, came up with a solution in the Bandit, a camera that can handle both capturing your adventures and editing the best moments together into a movie you can share straight from a phone or tablet. The Bandit addresses a few other shortcomings you might find in competing cameras and has very good video quality, too, but the easy on-camera editing is the star attraction.

Priced at $580 for the camera, two adhesive mounts and an adapter to use the Bandit’s quick-release mount with GoPro accessories, it’s definitely an investment. A Premium bundle packs in a wrist remote control, handle bar mount, a dive lens cover good down to 50 meters , a 360-degree tilt mount and a power cable for $700.

The TomTom Bandit can handle both capturing your adventures and editing the best moments together.

The Bandit is splashproof with the included lens cover, though, so a little rain or snow shouldn’t hurt it. In fact we took it to Russia and the results have been fantastic.

Now for the Batt-Stick. With a twist of the back of the camera you pull out the battery and the microSD slot. This is the Batt-Stick and at the front is a standard USB 3.0 connector, so to charge up the battery you don’t need a cable, you just plug it into any standard USB port. The same goes for transferring photos and videos to a computer and since it’s USB 3.0, transfers are fast.