Victorinox Golf Tool

Raise your game and lower your handicap with the GolfTool – it’s got everything you need for a great day on the course. Use the tee punch to tee up, even on hard or frozen ground. Repair the green with the one-handed divot repair tool. Slide out the ball marker as needed. Repeat until you’ve beaten your best score.

  • Victorinox is the world leader of pocket tools (multi-tools and pocket knives) for every activity
  • Features include rust-free aluminum alloy separators, stainless steel blades, brass rivets, and bushings to hold the knife layers together
  • Includes all of the golf tools, such as the one hand locking divot repair tool, ball marker, tee punch, groove cleaner
  • Also includes bottle opener, nail file, blade, tweezers, toothpick, and scissors
  • Compact and sturdy


  1. blade, large
  2. tee punch
  3. groove cleaner
  4. nail file
  5. bottle opener
  1. scissors
  2. repair tool
  3. toothpick
  4. tweezers
  5. ballmarker