‘Where are our boys’ book

Long before the days of Facebook and the internet, the main source for people to get their news was newspapers. The book, Where Are Our Boys: How Newsmaps Won the Great War, is about the first world war and shows you how the conflict was fought – and won – from the view of the newspaper reader. It includes over 200 newsmap images that show how readers from Australia and across the British Empire saw the war. They didn’t have TVs to watch and there was no online news to follow: the based their knowledge on what they read in the newspapers. The surprising thing that is shows is not the truth though, but a “semi-fictional” account of what happened – thanks to censorship at the time deciding what could be published and not; and often the accounts were made up by the writer. It’s a great book to read, interesting for anyone who has a keen knowledge for the war or the media.