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On land or sea, there is only one name you can trust for reliable radio communication!

A young engineer and avid sailor, Ted Dunn, found a niche.  Through understanding the importance of reliable and efficient radio communication, he designed and manufactured world class radio communication equipment.
Fifty years later and GME is one of the leaders of the domestic and international markets, with over 2,000 accredited resellers domestically and a direct subsidiary in New Zealand.

Reliable radio access is a vital component for such Australian icons as The Royal Flying Doctors Service and the School of the Air.  Through technical excellence, every GME radio product is quality controlled from the design engineers, factory assemblers, test technicians through to the sales and customer service team.

GME focus on what the customer wants and needs: antennas, emergency beacons and safety, entertainment systems, fixed mount radios, hand held radios, power products, navigation and sonar and radio accessories. Their enthusiastic team of engineers and customer service professionals have a vision; to deliver innovative product design and development based on the ideals of the marketplace, engineers and research.

GME telemetry and data radio equipment provide new levels and efficiency in farming, viticulture and related rural activities.  Marine equipment undergoes stringent testing before facing the harsh marine environment. Kingray’s range of broadband high power distribution amplifiers are a dominant figure in the TV service industry.

For reliable, innovative, practical and attractive radio communication equipment that you can trust, that’s GME.

17 Gibbon Road, Winston Hills, NSW 2153
Phone: 02 8867 6000
Email: enquiries@gme.net.au
Web: http://www.gme.net.au