Keith Daddow – #SaveAMan

For one man, it serves a purpose; it serves as one of the largest podiums known to man. In November 2014 Kilimanjaro was the place for Keith Daddow to raise awareness of prostate cancer in men, and to stand and shout from the top of the world, that he was 3 years Cancer Free.

At 42, Keith was diagnosed with prostate cancer. “I knew what it was thanks to my father’s advice to ‘keep an eye on it’ after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer at 66” he said. “The doctor said that if I had waited three years to come in, he would have been giving me just a couple of years to live. How lucky am I?”

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in Australia and the third most common cause of cancer death. 1 in 5 men will be diagnosed with it by age 85.

Keith Daddow is a very loud voice for Prostate Cancer Awareness.


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