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ExplorOz is Australia’s favourite website for travellers with a sense of adventure. Whether you’re a caravanner, camper, 4X4 enthusiast, or fisherman, the ExplorOz website is the place to go to get expert trip planning information and to connect with other like-minded people. Start your journey by browsing Trek Notes, Camps, Places, Articles, Forum, Shop.

ExplorOz also offers a mobile app designed especially for travellers who need offline mapping, and navigation tools, and includes guided driving routes to Australia best destinations, and references to help you find nearby campsites, things to do, places to see. This app is called ExplorOz Traveller and is for Android & iOS devices (Android phones & tablets, iPads and iPhones).

The ExplorOz Traveller app is available from the Apple App Store and Google PlayStore. The app has a number of unique features not seen in other Travel apps or GPS navigation apps and includes free “on demand” updates to the content. The ExplorOz Traveller app enables you to carry all the website resources in your pocket to allow you to begin your adventure with confidence and without delay! Once you start using ExplorOz Traveller you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it. This is the must-have app for any road, or off-road trip.