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My name is Dan and I am about to start into my fourth career move and hopefully some of you will choose to share the new journey with me.

My first career commenced as an apprentice engine fitter in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). I enjoyed my 25 plus years with the RAAF immensely – it was full of interest and adventure and also involved a lot of travel – I served in Vietnam during the war and travelled to many other parts of the world, finishing my career as a senior officer with tertiary engineering qualifications, a huge range of experiences and, luckily for me, valuable skills in organisation, project management and most important, the ability to work with people at all levels.

My second career was in senior management in a major multinational company who employed me for those skills and experiences I gained from the RAAF.  Whilst this first step into civilian life had its high points and big salary with car benefits, I knew this was not for me for the long haul. 

I left the corporate world and spent six months really evaluating what I wanted to do and I felt a strong pull towards the leisure industry and in particular – travel.  I believe it was by divine guidance (yes I am a believing Christian) that I was able to buy a fairly new small niche wholesale business that only sold travel to China at the time.  I was content with my choice right from the start – granted the high salary and car benefits disappeared – but I loved what I was doing.

That change in my life occurred back in 1997 – I quickly added new added new countries until we offered choices right across Asia.  I built up strong relationships with like-minded customer focused travel professionals throughout Asia, the sub-continent and even the middle east and Africa – through these people I am able to offer travel solutions of all kind – leisure, river cruising, rail journeys and adventure activities.

Now it is time to change again – I have relinquished my business into very good hands and I want to step out on my own and turn my attention to something a bit different – I want to provide tailored solutions to those of you out there who want the adventure but also want to be able to explore the culture and history of these amazing destinations in comfort and safety.   In the next little while through these same avenues where you are reading this, I will begin expanding on some of those destinations for you – will you share the journey with me?

Dan Nebauer