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In our modern society, canoeing or kayaking is no longer a tool of survival.  It has evolved to become one of our most favoured and enjoyed water sports and hobbies.  With Brisbane’s recent openings of a number of previously inaccessible dams and lakes to the public, this trend is only set to becoming even more popular.

Rosco Canoes founder, canoe and kayak enthusiast, Ross Cook has always known his destiny.  His passion for canoes started taking definition from the age of 10 when he built his first canoe in 1955.

From there he worked and experimented, making his dream a reality with the establishment of Rosco Canoes in 1970.  Since then, the business has grown into a real family affair with his three children who grew up in the workroom and share their father’s passion and knowledge for paddle craft.

Rosco Canoes combine quality materials with modern production technologies to create the most diverse and largest range of canoes and kayaks is Australia.  Their highly skilled, professional team of composite technicians continually strive to meet the changing needs of paddlers and, together with the showroom team, offer a ‘paddle for life’ mindset through quality equipment, expert advice, accessible information and inexhaustible enthusiasm.

The Rosco brand products are all hand-crafted in the factory premises in Brisbane and ensure customers receive beautiful, and often customised, craft and accessories to optimise their paddling enjoyment.  Products like the lightweight Scamper canoe and the U-Ro paddle are both successful examples of turning customer needs into customer solutions.   Rosco Canoes is also proudly the sole Australian manufacturer of the toughest canoes in the Southern Hemisphere, the Chief Royalex canoe.

The Rosco Canoes showroom, based at Woolloongabba in Brisbane, displays a colourful range of recreational, touring and fishing canoes and kayaks.  It is a great place to drop in to have a browse and chat to the sales team, all of whom are passionate paddlers.  They enjoy nothing better than to exchange paddling stories, offer advice and share information with their customers.  In addition to sales, they also offer quality composite repairs and safety checks.

For all of your kayaking and canoe needs, visit Australia’s leading paddle sport outfitter since 1970- Rosco Canoes.

Ph: +61 7 3391 1088
Web: www.roscocanoes.com.au
Email: showroom@roscocanoes.com.au