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Visit the largest, most famous and undoubtedly the most spectacular caves in Australia…

One of the most outstanding cave systems in the world, Jenolan Caves are also known to be the most ancient discovered open caves in the world. Jenolan Caves are located in the lands of the Burra Burra people, a clan group of the Gundugurra Nation, which used the caves and the land above for tens of thousands of years.

The caves themselves consist of calcite formations. In some places they are an extraordinary pure white, and the cave network itself is very large following the course of a subterranean section of the Jenolan River, with over 40 kilometres of multi-level passages, and more than 300 entrances.

Cave tours run daily and 3 nights a week, and include River Cave tours through the underworld labyrinth, featuring the underground ‘River Styx’ which appears as pools of blue water, including the ‘Pool of Reflections’ (a deep, illuminated underground lake, whose almost motionless surface produces spectacular reflections).

Guided tours take you to caves that are richly decorated with sparkling crystal, (ranging from tiny, delicate helictites, to huge geological features) like the Temple of Baal Cave, which consists of 2 massive chambers, one which is 42 metres high and filled with beautiful formations.

More than a tourist attraction, Jenolan also hosts school excursions, unique weddings, conferences, adventure caving tours and team building days.  Set in Blue Mountains World Heritage wilderness, Jenolan Caves are a national treasure, of awe-inspiring beauty and scale.  You can experience the amazing award-winning tours, adventure caving, scenic bush walks and Australian Aboriginal culture any day of the year.

They offer accommodation in the almost 120 year old Heritage Listed Jenolan Caves House, Mountain Lodges, Backpacker Lodge and self-contained cottages within close distances to the caves. There is also the magnificent Chisolm’s Restaurant, a café, bar and picnic & BBQ areas.

Address:  4655 Jenolan Caves Road, JENOLAN CAVES NSW 2790
Phone:  1300 76 33 11 or 02 6359 3911