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In this tough Australian heat, there’s nothing more important than protecting your skin from the sun’s harsh elements. Whether you’re taking off to the beach surfing or swimming; or heading into the mountains for a kayaking or hiking adventure, you need to be protected from over exposure to UV radiation.

The team at Radicool Australia have been supplying sun protection clothing for almost 25 years.
As the Australian sun has changed, so has their range and today, Radicool Australia are known for their practical, well designed sun protection clothing that is suitable for the whole family.

Their range includes both short and long sleeve shirts; shorts and leggings for men and women; zip tops for women; and stinger suits if you’re heading out with the snorkel. They also stock hats for all ages.

At Radicool Australia, they believe it’s imperative in the Australian sunshine to offer an SPF/UPF sun protection clothing range exceeding 100. The high range protects even when wet, which makes it ideal for all kinds of adventure activities. The clothing is a unique knit and yarn combination that is exclusive to Radicool: the best on the market.
And each batch of fabric is tested first to ensure high quality: so you can rest assured when you’re facing the Aussie sun that you’re protected as much as possible.

It doesn’t matter what you’re planning to do, if you’re heading outside, you want to ensure your skin is protected as much as possible from burning and sun exposure, which can lead to things like premature aging, pigmentation and cancer.

Before you step out, visit Radicool Australia and protect yourself.

Address: 14 Inverness Way, Balwyn North Victoria 3104, Australia
Phone: (03) 9562 6633
Website: http://www.radicoolaustralia.com