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If you’re planning a trip into the wilderness or a remote area, the worst thing you can do is leave less than 100% prepared. That’s why Wilderness First Aid Consultants (WFAC) were the premier choice for us when it came to learning everything we need to know about safety for our World Record attempt in Antarctica.

Antarctica is a land of extremes: the coldest and driest continent on Earth with the highest average elevation. As the most unpredictable place on earth, when we take off on our journey, we need make sure we are able to handle unexpected events and extreme conditions. Accidents are a real possibility and every year people are injured or killed there, so it’s extremely important for us to be completely prepared. This is where WFAC steps in.

Everyone knows what first aid is and if you’re a seasoned adventurer, it’s likely you don’t travel anywhere without a kit and a First Aid certificate under your belt. But if you’re taking yourself into a remote environment, you are bound to find different challenges to what you will face anywhere else. We expect nothing less from Antarctica, and considering we are facing weeks, if not months, in that tough terrain, we want to ensure we are fully prepared.

WFAC courses are based on the premise that ‘Knowledge Saves Lives’ and their professional and dynamic skill based team includes a balanced mix of medical and outdoor adventurists who are trained and experienced in wilderness safety. They are easy to listen to, simple to understand and happy to share their own personal experiences so you can rest assured the information you are getting is correct, up to date and completely usable in any situation.

So you might ask what the difference is between WFAC and mainstream first aid courses by St Johns Ambulance and the like. The answer is simple. WFAC courses focus on thorough patient assessment, treatment and evacuation guidelines for people who are in the wilderness or a remote area. You are taught to recognize, treat and manage injuries and illnesses in the field and since you’re likely to be a long way from town – with a long wait for an ambulance – their courses also teach you how to stabilize the situation and manage the patient for extended periods of time.

All instructors started their career as Ambulance Officers, Ski-patrollers, Paramedics, Doctors, Registered Nurses, Outdoor Professional Guides and Leaders and their experience and knowledge helps to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the training. Whether you’re doing it alone, or have a group of adventurers taking the journey with you, you will find the right training with WFAC.

With courses available lasting anywhere from 8 hours (1 day) to 80 hours (7 days), no matter where you’re headed, you will be prepared! From the ends of the earth to the soaring heights of the mountains, far and wide; enjoy the wilderness and stay safe, but if you ever need to help someone out make sure that you have the ‘Knowledge to Save Lives’. This is one course you won’t regret!

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