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Fly fishing has been dated sometime back to the 12th Century in Japan, and with the Romans dating back 2000 years. It is one of the oldest, yet most rewarding ways to catch fish. The skills required to make great flies take time and knowledge, gained through experience.

Fly fishing, like most other fishing styles, is a great way to release stress. Whether you are hitting the local streams, rivers, on the open ocean or waterways, picking the right fly for the job can be the real stress reliever you need.

Tie ‘N’ Fly Outfitters are the first saltwater fly fishing shop in Australia and are currently the only specialist Salt Water Fly Fishing Outfitter in Australia. The store was established in 1996 on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, and they are a well-known supplier of flies worldwide.

Being that they are a specialty fly fishing store, you can expect the latest information on fly fishing innovations, a wide selection of tackle, materials and accessories as well as opportunities to access the newest products on the market.

Tie ‘N’ Fly Outfitters also offer comprehensive guiding services, tuition and adventure travel packages that take you to some of the best fly fishing spots on the planet.

The team at Tie ‘N’ Fly offer a weeklong trip to one of the best “Bucket List” destinations available, Christmas Island. A fishing trip filled with culture and adventure, it kicks off in Brisbane where you fly to Fiji for a stopover, then head to Kiribati, Christmas Island. These all-inclusive tours will have you fishing for a week on the pristine waters for everything from Bonefish, Trigger fish, Milkfish and GT.

Whether it be targeting the pelagic species that migrate to the south-east Queensland coastline each year to feed on the abundant schools of baitfish, or drifting through a serene wilderness lake setting, sight-casting to Australian natives, Tie ‘N’ Fly Outfitters have your bases covered.

Their guided trips not only take you to the best destinations, they also coach you in the skills required to catch any one of a number of species. The merits and selection of the different fly/lure patterns for the species you are targeting will be discussed, and you will be coached on how to overcome the problems caused by wind and current and more.

If you want to learn some of the finer points of fly fishing in the surf they run workshops, which is a great way to sharpen your skills for the coming beach and rock fishing season.

Shop1a, 8 Pt Cartwright Dr, Buddina, QLD, 4575
Phone: 07 5444 0611
Email: flyshop@tienfly.com