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When you’re training to be a World Champion, endurance and the right training methods are the key.

Whether you’re a Runner, Triathlete, Adventure racer or participate in any other sport where running is a component, you will almost certainly do some type of running training in your typical training week. If you really want to make your run component one of your stronger aspects you really need to focus on running training.

Runlab was born from the desire to help runners of all abilities understand their running better, to challenge themselves and to improve their fitness and capabilities as a runner. Whether you’re new to running, or if you’re looking to become a faster runner, understanding what you do and how you do it, and taking the right advice and putting it to work, is the key to helping you “achieve your impossible”.

Every runner is different. From your training goal to your experience to the amount of training you are able to do each week. No one standard training program will ever suit all runners’ needs. You might be coming back from injury or training for your first fun run or a marathon. Or perhaps you’re looking to run faster, and set a new Personal Best.

Most people have never been taught how to run and are curious to understand if the have a good running technique. Runlab can also assess your running technique for you and provide you with a straightforward approach to improving your running style.

They understand the differences of all runners and take this into account when creating your running program and can develop a program for YOU, tailored to your goals and suited to your needs.

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