Ok so I bet that the Chris and the crew ay Yakima would have been shocked when I contacted them about taking a Skybox to Antarctica. Even more so when I showed them how it would be used…………..
I needed a storage system to fit under my snow sailer and this was the ideal choice. It was installed as if it was on roof racks and the system is incredibly easy to use. Its large hooks slide under your crossbars, and you simply tighten big red knobs until they are snug. It also has a button to push to open the latches after you have turned the key.
With its limited length this box is best suited for general camping and cargo hauling.
Oh and how did it perform, well pictures tell a 1000 words, after the storm, I dug it out after 3 days, turned the lock and popped the lid. There was minimal snow on the inside even after the battering it took.